Working outside the Disciplines

Uncle Bobs posting The Start-Up Trap created quite a stir across the internet some weeks ago. This has also challenged me to think about what I feel about the disciplines (e.g. TDD) at a fundamental level. I got swept by the testing wave early on, I felt it addressed a hole in the current practice. It also represented […]

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DDD Context Map example

A DDD Context Map example

Purpose: to show a real-life example of a Domain Driven Design context map to others and to get feedback. The real names have been taken out. This map The “value object x” indicates a central concept in this system which occurs in slightly different forms/meanings dependent of context. The context map only shows some central objects […]

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We need to learn software

After several years doing software projects, we have started to learn what it takes to make them successful by using agile techniques, but what is providing the agility when the project is complete? Are successful projects equivalent to successful software? I strongly believe that there is great untapped winnings in really learning the true nature […]

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Tabular data composition in the browser for SOA

Problem example: Need to compose data from several services in a table, where each row contains data from several services. For example a product listing in a shopping basket: General solutions for composition: Custom server-side Modules in the IIS pipeline Client side with CSS Client side with JavaScript I will not discuss advantages and disadvantages […]

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Git fatal: Fetch attempted without a local repo

This one is for you googlers out there. For me this error message was very misleading or non-informative if you will… The reason turned to be: Too long directory path Git outputs something like this:

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